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If you are looking for a custom, creative 3D Stereogram for advertising or promotion purposes you have come to the right place. I have been creating some of the best, most original hidden 3D Stereogram images in the magic eye style for over 15 years. During this time I have created over one thousand magical images and optical illusions.
Consider this: A Stereogram for your business or service works a lot harder than most images. Why? Because a stereogram stops and interacts with your reader. Stereograms have a magical effect and will hold your viewer’s attention longer than a conventional photo or illustration. People who can see stereograms will enjoy the magical experience. People who have trouble seeing stereograms will be that much more determined. Stereograms work. Stereograms are engaging. And they are fun!
I’m very pleased to announce eyeTricks 3D Stereograms, a new partnership with my co-author and stereogram artist Gene Levine, and Brad Honeycutt. All custom work is now going through eyeTricks. If you are interested in a custom stereogram, want a quote, have questions, or want to see more of our work click on the logo above or go to www.eyetricks-3d-stereograms.com To purchase Stereogram prints and posters visit my gallery at Artflakes.com.